Friday, February 26, 2010

Coffee Cozy

{One last Christmas gift that I forgot about!}

Seriously. Easiest gift ever.

I even stuck a Starbuck's gift card inside the {empty} cup. I imagine I'll be giving these as gifts to friends and my kids {future} teachers!

Crocheted Christmas

Rounding out the rest of the homemade Christmas gifts are these crocheted items:

The Anarchy Irony Hat {from Stitch n' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker} for my brother-in-law - luckily, he totally understood the irony of a crocheted hat with an anarchy symbol on it... and actually wore it!

A shoulder shrug for my youngest sister.

And the PDA hat and One-Skein Scarf {both from The Happy Hooker as well} for my middle sister.

Monday, February 8, 2010

{More} Hooded-Towels

One of my most favorite gifts that I made this year was the hooded towels for all of the kiddos in our lives. The one that I wished I could have kept for myself would have made me feel like super-Mom.....

... or rather Wonder Woman. My {15 year old} cousin requested this one and now loves her hooded towel.

The little boys in our life received hooded towels that looked like this:

I can just imagine them running around after bath time with their super-hero hooded towels capes saving the day! The emblems were made using freezer-paper stenciling on yellow cotton fabric with red screen printing ink - I took pictures of the process which I'll {hopefully} post soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One-hour Bag

My niece is just about as big of a Hannah Montana fan as they come. So what could be more perfect for a young girl who loves Hannah Montana than a Hannah Montana purse? Using the simple purse pattern {aptly named the One-Hour Bag} from RicRac, I made her this purse:

Looking back, I wish I had added something extra to it - a little embellishment like a butterfly, a flower, or just some simple bling. I mean, it IS a Hannah Montana purse after all!

Friday, February 5, 2010

{Sling Bag}

One of the Handmade Christmas gifts that I made was the Margaret Sling Bag from Oh, Fransson!. I simply loved the end result and for it being my first ever purse {made from a pattern}, I thought it was pretty easy to make.

My sisters were just a little jealous that it was going to my sister-in-law!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Now that the holidays are over {and have been over for more than a month now}, it's finally time to post about the Handmade Christmas gifts I made and to get back into the swing of regular crafting. Because thanks to Christmas, I've got a few new crafty tools in my craft space {Hello Yudu.} and one on the way {Hello Serger - I can't wait to meet you.}. And I simply can. not. wait. to spend some quality time with each of them. I'm also planning to write up a tutorial on the Cars-to-Go Carrier, so stay tuned!