Friday, July 31, 2009

{Custom} Bean Bag Chair

A good friend of mine just had her second son {he's SO cute!} and since there wasn't really much that she needed, I decided to help her finish decorating the new little guy's nursery by making him a bean bag chair. This great little tutorial has been around for a while, but this was the first chance that I had to actually use it. The directions were easy to follow and personally, I think the chair turned out pretty {darn} cute! Actually, it was so easy to make that I also made one out of cowboy fabric for my own son's "big boy room" {I'll be sure to post pictures once his room is complete}. This is the one I made for my friend:

Just one recommendation - buy a bean bag from Target or Wal-mart to get the "beans" out of... I couldn't find bean bag pellets for that cheap anywhere else!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A {Handmade} Baby Gift Set

One thing you'll find out about me real quick is that, when possible, I love to give a handmade gift. There are many times when time doesn't allow me to or when the occasion doesn't call for it, but usually, with new babies, I will make the time! I made this set for a friend who is having her second little girl... and obviously, her name is going to start with an "A".

The full set included two inital appliqued onesies, two crocheted hats, and one pair of booties. You can find directions on how to machine applique just like this here.

These two hats, however, don't really have a pattern. I sorta just made it up as I went. The pink one just has a shell border and the black one has a row of alternating "front post - back post" double crochets before the shell border to make the threading of the ribbon a little easier. Maybe next time I make one I'll write the patterns down!

These adorable baby booties, called Kimono Booties, were made using this tutorial. And I checked out her other patterns on Etsy - they're darling!! I might just have in invest in the ballerina pattern.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zippered Pouch

I've always had a love/hate relationship with zippers. Very rarely do I get them attached just perfectly. After I finally learned that the proper way to attach one is to use a zipper foot {why I never used one before, I'll never know!}, it became a lot easier. However, this particular tutorial, is PERFECT! The zipper turned out great and the little pouch was just perfect for my teacher friend to use to hold pencils.

Despite the fact that I used some cat fabric on the inside {as a joke... she loves cats!}, I love the way it all turned out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursing Cover

If you've been around a young {breastfeeding} mom lately, chances are you've seen one of these. Often called "Hooter Hiders", these nursing covers are practically an essential for the mom who isn't afraid to breastfeed in public, but still wants a little privacy.

I actually had made one to use before my son was born, using measurements from a Bebe au Lait one that I had seen in person. I simply couldn't justify spending $35+ on something that I could easily make myself for quite a bit less. The first one turned out pretty good and I used it frequently throughout my son's breastfeeding days. It was only after I had made it that I found this great and simple tutorial. So when one of my college girlfriends had her first son, I grabbed the tutorial and whipped this one out for her in a matter of about 20 minutes {minus the time to go get the supplies from the store}.

And I loved the look of the fabric with the pink Sulky thread so much that I even made a new one for myself!

It's Been a Long Time...

... but I have a really good excuse. Or, rather, I like to think that I do:

And of course, who can really get all that much done when there are these two cute guys to spend time with?

But, I'm here and I'm working on getting the blog updated too... just because I've been busy with the Little One {and Little One on the Way} and the Hubby, doesn't mean that I haven't been crafty lately!