Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Kid's Chair {Pattern Review}

I know my last post was also a pattern review, but I've been sitting on these pictures for a while now {um.... since February!} and figured I better get them posted sooner rather than later.

I've always loved working with a pattern - it probably stems from the fact that most of my sewing growing up was done using patterns. My Mom just seemed to know how to perfectly read and use patterns and, lucky for me, she passed along some of her knowledge. Rarely have I come across a pattern that was difficult for me to read or use. But let's be honest, this one, kicked my butt.

I bought this pattern, McCall's 9665, some time ago, thinking that I would love to make one for our nephew and then eventually for our own kids and even as gifts. {Admittedly, I have fabric sitting in my fabric stash that I had purchased specifically for this pattern... that has been sitting there for close to two years!} And, while I love the way it looks, I have serious doubts that I'll attempt this one again - all because of the pillow forms. The pattern says that you can order pillow forms from Mauldin Shore Kids, but, clearly, the company isn't taking orders any more. Hence the reason I doubt I'll make it again. We'll see... maybe I can find some tips somewhere on how to make the pillow forms with ease.
I didn't change much on the pattern itself:

  • I did use premade piping instead of handmade {which, if I make it again, I'll use handmade, just FYI}.

  • I added an applique with the recipient's initial on the back of the seat portion.

  • Because I'm a teacher by trade {and had originally envisioned eventually making some for my classroom when I go back to teaching} I added a pocket on the back of the chair to hold a few books.

    All in all, it's a pretty decent pattern, but be prepared to take your time making it!

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Katy and Landon said...

Love the chairs!!

I had a craigslist tragedy...I saw these Pottery Barn kids chairs (just like these that you made). 2 red ones that would be so cute for Grant's big boy room. New, they are about $90 a piece (yikes!!!!), but someone was selling 2 for $45. By the time I got around the emailing about it, they were gone! I'm still so sad. You are lucky to have such great sewing skills to just make stuff like this for yourself!

(hang in there in the final days girl!!! Can't wait to have her here!!)