Monday, February 8, 2010

{More} Hooded-Towels

One of my most favorite gifts that I made this year was the hooded towels for all of the kiddos in our lives. The one that I wished I could have kept for myself would have made me feel like super-Mom.....

... or rather Wonder Woman. My {15 year old} cousin requested this one and now loves her hooded towel.

The little boys in our life received hooded towels that looked like this:

I can just imagine them running around after bath time with their super-hero hooded towels capes saving the day! The emblems were made using freezer-paper stenciling on yellow cotton fabric with red screen printing ink - I took pictures of the process which I'll {hopefully} post soon.


lisa said...

Samantha!!!!! I'm not kidding! This is my favorite! I WANT ONE! I'm serious! Can you make one in my size?

Katy said...

We still love our Superman towels - so cozy and cute!