Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursing Cover

If you've been around a young {breastfeeding} mom lately, chances are you've seen one of these. Often called "Hooter Hiders", these nursing covers are practically an essential for the mom who isn't afraid to breastfeed in public, but still wants a little privacy.

I actually had made one to use before my son was born, using measurements from a Bebe au Lait one that I had seen in person. I simply couldn't justify spending $35+ on something that I could easily make myself for quite a bit less. The first one turned out pretty good and I used it frequently throughout my son's breastfeeding days. It was only after I had made it that I found this great and simple tutorial. So when one of my college girlfriends had her first son, I grabbed the tutorial and whipped this one out for her in a matter of about 20 minutes {minus the time to go get the supplies from the store}.

And I loved the look of the fabric with the pink Sulky thread so much that I even made a new one for myself!

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Michelle Loy, MPH, MS, RD said...

Love it. So cute. I also love the one you made for me. YAY!