Friday, July 31, 2009

{Custom} Bean Bag Chair

A good friend of mine just had her second son {he's SO cute!} and since there wasn't really much that she needed, I decided to help her finish decorating the new little guy's nursery by making him a bean bag chair. This great little tutorial has been around for a while, but this was the first chance that I had to actually use it. The directions were easy to follow and personally, I think the chair turned out pretty {darn} cute! Actually, it was so easy to make that I also made one out of cowboy fabric for my own son's "big boy room" {I'll be sure to post pictures once his room is complete}. This is the one I made for my friend:

Just one recommendation - buy a bean bag from Target or Wal-mart to get the "beans" out of... I couldn't find bean bag pellets for that cheap anywhere else!


lisa said...

Awesome! I (of course) been wanting to make one of these too! Thanks for the tip!

Katy and Landon said...

There's my cute bean bag chair before it made it's inter-state journey to our house - we are still loving it! Thanks again!